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Name: Bryan Bush
Address: Oviedo , United States
Date of Registration: 06/11/2014
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I started off in this industry working for a big package deal looping animation company and eventually moved to freelancing for all the smaller ones, and finally was lucky enough to have the chance to quit working for everyone else and do it my way. So when the industry changed from package deals to single file downloads, I did too. I'm going on three years of that and I couldn't be happier with it. I truly appreciate the opportunity that the reseller sites have provided. I have been doing broadcast graphics, animation, visual effects, for twelve years now. I have been privileged to work with some amazing people in the past that helped shape my future. These days you can see my work all over the place, American Idol has used my work, SNL, I had a footage clip in the new twilight movie, every time I watch TV I wonder if I will see some thing I did, or someone I know from being involved in the stock footage industry. It's been a lot of hard work, it hasn't been an easy journey but it's always kept me entertained.

If there is any type of style or any thing you need feel free to let me know. I'm also available for custom work of just about any type. Just shoot me a site mail.

Thanks for your time, and please keep supporting places like this that support the artists.

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