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Question: How do I download my files?

Answer: After your purchase has been confirmed you will receive an email with download links.  You can also log into your account and visit my downloads.  Here you can also download your order.  On some browsers clicking the file directly will try and play the file creating an error.  For best results use "right click and save the file as" if you are on Windows.  If you are an Apple user use the "command and click" buttons to bring up the save dialog. You can also use our Adobe Air download manager to help download your order.  Keep in mind this will not work if you signed up with Facebook.


Question: How do I submit my content to become an artist with VJLoops?

Answer:  Click on "Become a seller" and follow the instructions,  confirm your email, full profile details and take the sellers exam by showing us your best stuff!

Question:  What does Editorial Use Only mean?

Answer: Files for Editorial Use Only cannot be used for any commercial purposes. These files may contain identifiable brands, locations or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use.

Editorial-Use-Only files can be used for:

Editorial-Use-Only files cannot be used for:

Question:  I am looking for something but can't find it.  Can you help me?

Answer:  Of course we will answer within 24 hours.  If you have a special request or need assistance sourcing a certain type of footage we can use our global database of artists to shoot, edit, animation, render or create to you or your clients specific needs.

Question:  Why do you only offer Quicktime .mov footage and what is PJPEG compression?

Answer:  Using QuickTime is very popular among stock footage sites as it is widely accepted on both Mac and PC.  Professional quality playback are preserved in the content creation process.  By offering PJPEG compression at 90% quality we are offering the highest quality broadcast ready footage while maintaining acceptable file sizes.

Question: I received the message "Access denied or account blocked: Please contact admin for further information." What's going on? 

Answer: This could be for several reasons.  Commonly it's due to a failed payment so any links or downloads in your account are disabled to prevent unpaid content from being downloaded.  The best thing you can do is contact us and will work with you to resolve the problem. 

Another reason could be too many failed password attempts.  Remember your password is case sensitive and too many failed attempts will block you out.  You will have to contact us to have us reset it for you.

Question: What are the differences between the resolutions besides the price?  4k, HD and lower resolutions?

Answer: Choosing the right resolution for your project depends on what your needs are.  Normally we try to provide the highest resolution possible with the option to purchase lower scaled down and cropped versions as a cheaper solution.  We scale and crop the lower resolutions to maintain the aspect ratio of the original file.  So if you purchase an HD loop you will have the file as it was originally intended but if you need a cheaper option the file will be scaled down and some cropping will be done but rest assured the file is still high quality with 100% PJPEG compression.  If you receive a cropped file with missing text or content contact us so we can fix the problem.

In the near future we will scale back and offer less choices and better scaling to avoid any missing or cropped footage.