HI and welcome to VJ Loops. Here's some brief info about Kyle who is responsible for providing all the wonderful royalty free stock footage and visuals that have been created by global team of talented contributors in various disciplines since 2005.

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Kyle Lyons (Owner)  runs and updates the website to provide royalty free content to the masses.  In the late 90s he was primarily focused on the nightlife and entertainment industry.  Kyle traveled around the world performing along side popular DJs and musical acts mixing custom and appropriated content from VJ Loops. He enjoys mixing to all styles and genres of music. Now he focuses on more uniquie opportunities for creative work, multimedia projects and workshop or speaking engagments. If you have a proposal for a creative project or special event get in touch! Contact him for worldwide bookings

In the last 10 years Kyle has focused more on the content creation side of things, spending less time on stage and more on traveling to uniquie locations, epic landscapes and big cities around the world.  Kyle specializes in time-lapse video and photography sequences consisting of hundreds of images for each loop.  Incredible patience and dedication are required to shoot just a few seconds but the effort shows in the final render.  When he's not shooting and editing he's pushing the VJLoops brand to the visual artist community by providing an affordable resource for customers and contributors.  With social media as his weapon of choice Kyle has developed close relationships with creative community leaders, bloggers, technicians, clubs, djs, performer and popular groups.  Kyle feels this is an ideal place to seek out and recruit visual artists to increase the content and diversity of the brand by having curated over 1000 artists and over 100,000 clips in 4k, 1080p and 720p. 

Kyle resides in Valencia, Spain. If your in the area let him know. I hear he gives a great tour :-)  If you would like to know more feel free to connect through the social media platforms on the site.  Namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the Vlog


For any other inquiries please contact support and your question will be answered in a timely manner in the order it was received.  Usually you can expect to hear back from us with in an hour but it could take up to 24 hours for a reply. 

Thank you for patience in the matter we look forward to assisting you on your next creative project or event.