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Name: Safandjaro The 3D VJ
Address: Bunschoten, Netherlands
Date of Registration: 06/25/2013
Company: Virtual Factory CG+
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Video: 75
Viewed: 47986
Downloads: 392

 The 3DVJ

Being a 3D artist I once started my career as an electronic musician, searching for ways to make stage performances more attractive to the public. That was 19 years ago, and I have never heard of VJ’s or 3D animation before that time.

Just by accident I discovered the possibilities of 3D animation (I think it started with Jurassic Park) but after seeing Jan Hammer’s videotape “Beyond the Mind’s Eye”, I knew this was going to be my passion in life: combining 3D animation and music.

Having found my passion, and learning the art of 3D animation, I used my new skills on several electronic music acts, like “The Real Virtuality Project” and the very successful multi media project “Wave World”, which is still one of the most exclusive electronic projects in this part of the galaxy.

After years of working as a 3D artist on commercial productions, like commercials, corporate movies and visual effects for movies, I needed to return to my roots: combining 3D visuals with music. I wanted to share my skills with all kinds of musicians and video artists. That is the reason I started this small, but in the future hopefully huge source of 3D visuals.

Kind regards,

Safandjaro, the 3DVJ

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