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Name: Alex Hofmann
Address: münchen, Germany
Date of Registration: 12/21/2012
Company: hiltmeyer.Inc
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Downloads: 1425

 Hiltmeyer Inc.

If you turn off the sound and look at the screens you are still listening to music. That is probably the best way to describe Hiltmeyer.Inc's style of visuals.
Hiltmeyer.Inc is able to put the love of music and the rhythmic feeling right into the motion graphics. Hiltmeyer.Inc started his artistic career as a DJ and by producing music for our all favorite independent label Gomma from Munich. Hiltmeyer.Inc's album, entitled 'Sendling 70', has garnered global attention for its sublime mix of styles, but what would one expect from an artist who credits influences as diverse as rare Italo Disco B-sides, Detroit Techno and most interestingly Elvis Presley. Already a well-known DJ and producer he started to work on showing his affinity for mash up style in moving pictures. It's easy to get the impression the DJ is making the beats to the visuals and not the other way round.