Contacts Information
Name: Kyle Lyons
Address: Desert Hot Springs, United States
Date of Registration: 12/20/2012
Company: VJ Loops
Member Portfolio
Video: 261
Viewed: 107974
Downloads: 4016

 Kyle Lyons

Style of Visuals:
Kyle’s visuals have been characterized as organic, colorful and original. He has a very diverse palette of content which can be mixed with all styles and genres of electronic music including techno, house, break beat, electro, minimal, progressive, trance, drum-n-bass, dub step, hip hop, and others. Although Kyle does create his own content he also has appropriated content from his website Kyle uses a variety of programs to create unique custom titles, animations and motion graphics done specifically for the event. If you want branding exposure for DJs, Logos, Sponsors or Corporate events mixed creatively and tastefully in sync with the music that will attract the attention of people then consider hiring a professional VJ with experience in live visuals!

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