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Name: Elfin Treestar
Address: Palmwoods, Australia
Date of Registration: 01/15/2023
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Deep within a forest, feeling the welcoming embrace of the surrounding nature spirits within the tropical Australian Rainforests

The warped sense of feeling connected comes like waves and whirls the sense of perception to a swoon of interconnectedness and refection of self with the oneness of nature and the beautiful surroundings.

ElfinTreestar, Beautiful, Earth, Earthy, Organic, nature, rainforest, forest, tropical, Australia, minimal, visual, background, texture, textured, warping, warped, psychedelic, trippy, lsd, mushrooms, effects, festival,
kaleidoscopic, pattern, patterns, mirror, mirrored, mirroring, layered, layers
leaves, tree, trees, roots, vines, branches,
Water, waterfall, ripples,
Rainbow, rainbows, light defraction,

Original footage captured and edited by ElfinTreestar aka Trista Southwell