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Name: Versa Tale
Address: Durres, Albania
Date of Registration: 03/12/2021
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Born in Albania, a small country with a big story, VersaTale was seen to have a thirst for knowledge from an early age. Always asking questions about life, jumping from one hobby to another, this versatile boy always felt something was missing... In search of this missing piece in his heart, he looked everywhere… family, friends, love, and especially computers and math. On the quest to find the missing piece, like many, he was set on the path of self-discovery. Tired of looking outside, around age 18 he started introspection and experimenting with psychedelics. Many were his teachers, Alan Watts, Terence Mckenna, Krishnamurti, Sadhguru, Baba Ram Dass, Jordan Peterson, Mooji, Osho, Shunyamurti, Swami Sri Sivananda. His knowledge expanded to a degree he never thought was possible, but while doing this, his outside world suffered mostly. Seeing how much knowledge he had in computer science, psychology, religion and psychedelic substances, one night, God's consciousness granted him the missing piece...Art. VersaTale was finally set on the mission. Filled with the power of peace, love, joy, wisdom and knowledge, he started making art as it was the only way to express the inexpressible. Coming up with ideas that he learned from his teachers, creating animation in 3D software with his knowledge in computer science and math, replicating colors gained from psychedelic experiences, using music that he had collected for years while understanding the psychology behind each wave of vibration, everything felt on the right place. Even at his darkest and brightest moments, he always was on the path. For what he thought was missing, was always an illusion, as there was nothing missing, except his own confusion.

This is a tale, a visual journey how god's consciousness entered my life. May you all see the infinite light which is inside of me, of you, of us, of everything there is...

Be in the world but not of it...

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