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Name: Eduard Ivanov
Address: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date of Registration: 04/26/2020
Company: Opreston
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Video: 2112
Viewed: 154607
Downloads: 774



I am a professional animator and 3D video designer.
My motto is: "What is worth doing at all is worth doing well !"
I have hundreds of works in my portfolio on creating any animation.
I have customers in more than 25 countries in the World.

Please, visit my account to order a video for hologram fan, Transparent led screen, any 3D Logo animations, etc.:​
or UpWork account:​

Or you can order my works without of Fiverr and Upwork login here:​

You pay nothing for using this service; you only pay the cost of the project.
Your payment is protected in escrow and is released upon your approval of the project.
You don’t need an account to create proposals and fund contracts.

Thank you.

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