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Name: Amaranta Mota
Address: LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom
Date of Registration: 04/19/2020
Company: vBeat
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Video: 87
Viewed: 19959
Downloads: 500


vBeat is an audiovisual design company based in Madrid for the artistic edition and Liverpool for
Trained in plastic arts and motion graphics, specialized in After Effects.
Collaborations with:
*Advertising: I+D Telefonica, Renfe, Oracle, Vodafone, Santander Bank.
*Television: graphic design and post production department.
*Dance industry: Fortea professional conservatory of dance.
*Apps: Typography27, Education - ABC
*Book trailers: Verbal iconic communication, Langre editorial.

*Video clips: Fakeba with John Fryer, Espasmódicos.
*Other expressions: Net Arc Arco 2001, XII Imagina 94 edition, “Cadaver Exquisito” for Imagina
95 edition

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