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Name: Gilang Kusuma
Address: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Date of Registration: 11/17/2017
Company: Kongfoo Motion
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Video: 61
Viewed: 15889
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I was graduated as a bachelor degree from The Art Institute of Indonesia. Then, I actively involved in animation and motion graphic production under 'LepasKendali’ motion graphic studio. Many projects have been done either Visual Jockey or Video Projection Mapping which are exploring graphic motion. The most interesting project that I involved was Jogja Video Mapping Project (#JVMP). The project initiated by me was a Yogyakarta art collective show which specifically using video projection mapping. Many artists also involved in this project like Sound Engineers, Movie Directors, Movie Writers, Animators, and Mapping Programmers. Not only Yogyakarta, but also buildings and landmarks on another cities in Indonesia were projected in the project.

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