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Name: kaine van riel
Address: london, United Kingdom
Date of Registration: 01/18/2017
Company: Artificially Awake
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Video: 619
Viewed: 189217
Downloads: 5364

 Artificially Awake

DJVB (Formerly Artificially Awake) is the brand name for VJ content produced by Kaine Van Riel. A Visual Effects artist and event production designer based in London, England.

Over the years Artificially Awake's visuals have gained great weight and notoriety within the music scene for being some of the most impactful and syncronous visuals on the market.

Originally educated in computer generated imagery for film, Kaine swiftly made his mark on the industry by transitioning into the wolrd of musical visualisation. Developing a new and yet unseen way of manipulating an audience's perception of video.

He accomplished this by producing mind bending illusionary 3D animations into a format which could be percieved as being perspectivally correct from any given angle. Thereby fulfilling the illusion of being within a digital environment imagined by the artist himself.

This notion propelled artificially awake to become a leader in illusionary content creation for festivals, stage performances, commercial applications, alongside the notorious ibiza music scene where it all began!

Since founding Artificially Awake, Kaine has worked independantly as well as among teams of talented production companies on what can only be described as one of the most impressive resume's seen to date.

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