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Name: Manuel Soler Llorca
Address: , Spain
Date of Registration: 04/05/2016
Company: Nexus-6 MOTION GraPHICS
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Video: 581
Viewed: 186102
Downloads: 1338


Nexus-6 is Manolo Soler, a motion Graphic Artist that came from the VFX world. He has been working in different industries of the GC world. Working in some video games, featured films and commercials, from San Francisco (CA) to Germany and then Spain.
Since 2010 he has been working in the creation of visuals for several DJs, showing his visuals all over the world. This is the list of DJs and artist from whom he has worked: Joachim Garraud, Steve Aoki, Nervo, DJ Vice, Vicetone, Perry Farrell…

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