Escher Castles Color Hybrid 1b

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Introducing an entirely new kind of AI animation: Hybrid Packs!. Using the magic of multiple ControlNet modules, I have generated two different scenes with the same movement and basic shapes. The 'magic’ part is when you use a mask on these videos, so that part of both videos are showing at the same time. Even simple masks like rectangles or vertical wipes will reveal the hybrid qualities of each and viewers will boggle viewers who spot the simiarities.

This Escher-like isometric animation was created in Deforum (a Stable Diffusion extension for animation), by combining several isometric LoRAs with a custom LoRA I trained myself on a dataset of works by M.C. Escher, who is still one of my favorite artists.

The subject is a whimsical wizard's castle, inspired by The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Within, we encounter magical objects and architectural wonders. Shapes and structures of the castle morph and change like a living creature, defying reality. All the while, the castle rises higher into the sky, an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of fascinating forms.

Animation pans/scrolls up. Grayscale 3D isometric style.

High quality royalty free stock footage & visuals in HD with geometric shapes and dynamic motion. Ideal for installations, club visuals, concerts, festivals & creative editing projects with an AI theme, or that require a high quality AI animation.