Escher Castles Color Hybrid 1a

ID : 234900

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The color clip in this pack is also a wizard’s castle, but rendered in a completely different style. With iridescent colors and wild, surreal landscapes, the style is just as appropriate for a magic castle as the Escher clip.

The subject is a whimsical wizard's castle, inspired by The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Within, we encounter magical objects and architectural wonders. Shapes and structures of the castle morph and change like a living creature, defying reality. All the while, the castle rises higher into the sky, an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of fascinating forms.

Animation pans/scrolls up. Grayscale 3D isometric style.

High quality royalty free stock footage & visuals in HD with geometric shapes and dynamic motion. Ideal for installations, club visuals, concerts, festivals & creative editing projects with an AI theme, or that require a high quality AI animation.