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Name: kenneth Porter
Address: callington road, Harrowbarrow, United Kingdom
Date of Registration: 04/05/2013
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Alex porter (VJ+ Visual Tech Support)

Growing up during the early 1980's home computer revolution, placed VJ Alex in a unique position to hone his technologically based skills. Having served his seven and a half years time as a Royal Naval Submarine engineer Alex sought his future life in the entertainments industry. Being involved in event production and décor for many years gave him an exclusive insight as to what makes an event work.

1990 saw the emergence of Missing Links Visuals (Mlvisuals) and VisualTechSupport, supplying events/gigs/concerts/dance parties and catwalks with large screen projected visual entertainment and advertising in the South West of England and the UK festival circuit (Glastonbury, Glade, Beautiful Days and Bestival).

Alex's distinctive personal mixing style of glitchy, feedback based visual art has to be seen 'Live' to be believed (strobing effect may be used!!) , although he can bend the rules and slip back into any style that is requested. With skills ranging from live camera operator, vision mixing, corporate identity displays, branding, computer systems technical and software support, too events 'build crew' has made him an all-round team based player.

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