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Name: Lalibaloops
Address: , Spain
Date of Registration: 11/22/2019
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We are a couple that make loops. An illustrator and designer old woman and a motion graphics and animator old man that makes the most awesome loops you ever seen! Well, maybe not the most awesome but the most carefull made loops. Maybe not the most carefully made ones but cool stuff always. Did I say that we are an old couple? 82 years, between the two, making the most awesome loops that you will ever see... ...Did I say that part already? That about the most awesome loops ever? Yes? Goddamnit! Fucking Alzheimer!
Darling, can you come to help finish that shit, please?

Hrllo!? I gave parkrinsondn and disdlexiaaa, so not dure qhat je dassasaid but WE MAKE THE MOST FUCKING AWESOME LOOPES EVER! Well, maybe not the most awesome loops ever...

Ideal for VJing, live performance, remixing, editing, blending, mashing, projecting, mapping, smashing, and any other use you can think of.

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