Not Bug - CRT TV Glitches

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It’s NOT a BUG, it’s a feature ! Can you hear the crispy glitch of my cathode-ray tube TV trying to display some SNES retrogaming nonsense ? These samples are real time analog signals glitched through a Videfektor and a DirtyMixer, displayed by an electron beam controlling additive color on a phosphor-coated layer. Note that handling a CRT carries the risk of violent implosion that can hurl glass at great velocity, but this did not happen during the shooting.

With these 110 video loops, you will have enough CRT glitches for a long time. Decrypt planetaries symbols, Chakras, retrogaming glimpses, organic and electric noises, mesmerizing tunnels, minimalist slides, hacking retropie splashscreen, dancer and cartoons. Enjoy the grid of pixels, the static noises, the material feedback unable to loop correctly due to perturbation in the sync part of the analog signal, displayed brutally by the dance of electrons.

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