Klido Vol.X - 4K Toony Rainbow Blasts - Kaleidoscopic Video Pulses

ID : 169110

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A collection of stunning kaleidoscopic 4K blasts of fruity color exploding over a wide range of bright colored background.

Featuring abstract patterns generated with fresh fruits and vegetables. Includes dark purple cherry, strawberry, raspberry, grape, blackberry with smaller bursts of mushroom and red, orange, yellow and green peppers. From the depths abstract psychedelic patterns of bursting blooms of flowers, ever expanding organic tunnels, bubbling water drops and unbelievable amazing and surreal images emerge in a pop art cartoon style.

Makes a perfect alternative color set companion set to the expanding range of Klido Volumes.

Unique footage for a wide range of productions - live events, concerts, title sequences, presentations, websites, DVDs, Blurays, 4K blurays, music videos, video art installations, holiday shows & party projections. Ideal for motion designers, video editors and VJ s for led & club projection screens.