Acid Toon

ID : 207825

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Become the chief animator with this VJ set in the cartoon theme. Warner Bros classics meets Nickelodeon & Hanna Barbera pop style, topped with the psychedelism of Disney. Displacement maps and extrusion are animated on a 4-to-the-floor rhythm, and everything is looping seamlessly. Give life with stretch and squash, and personality with graphite drawings texture. Stack the layers to get accumulation of pattern, and play with the background and the foreground in BPM sync.

Set of 12 extruded psychedelic typography with alpha. Cartoon themed sounds and text, with color flowing without moving. The illusion of depth is given by shape repetition driven by code.

Set of 4 toon tunnels zooming and wobbling in perfect loops. Change the hue color of this background with BPM sync to bring it to life.

Set of 6 psychedelic gradients seamlessly looping and revealing the full color spectrum in cycle. Animated through displacement noise, it can be used as a filter or texture.

Set of 9 graphics elements from the cartoon universe with alpha. Explosion and sparkles that you can use to get in rythm with the beat. Graphite texture, and posterized time gives a vintage feeling, for your burlesque composition.

Set of loops of dancer rotoscoped, stabilized, recolorized and with alpha, from studio Disney Alice and Dumbo. Feel the power of the multiplane camera and create new scenes from the psychedelic classics.