- 09/23/2013

I'm re-creating some vintage VJ clips I created in 1994 for my first audiovisual performance "The Real Virtuality Project"

In our opinion looking at two synthersizer artists focusing on their gear to create electronic space music was rather dull. So we were looking at possibilities to make the performance more attractive for the eye.
Never heard from VJ'ing or 3D graphics before, we wanted to enhance our performance with visuals. At that time quite special for hobby artists.
It was the time of Jurassic park and Toy Story and this made us explore 3D graphics to use on the stage.

We managed to get a copy of a 3D software package called "3D Studio" running on MS-DOS.
With no manual and many sleepless nights we learned to use the software and created our first VJ clips (didn't know it was called VJ'ing at that time).

Most of these VJ clips were lost in time, but I found an old VHS tape of our actual performance video from the 1995 concerts. A lot of these clips are quite usable and nice, so I decided to recreate some of these clips in a "Vintage VJ Clip Collection"

Check them out soon in my portfolio

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